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Battery Monitor Tester Voltmeter Ammeter 8-120V 0-350A 999Ah for Car, Auto, Motorboat, Caravan, Motorhome, Motorhome, or Solar.

This is a high precision current type battery monitor (also known as coulometer), designed to test the voltage, current and capacity of a battery to help users know the state of a battery in real time.  The device has a memory function.  It is suitable for mobile and portable equipment using battery power e.g. RV's, Marine, Mobility Vehicles, Remote Power, Instruments, UPS etc.


This product is suitable for Lithium batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFeP04), Lead-Acid batteries and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with a working voltage from 8V to 100V.

Monitor display

  • Read your battery bank like a fuel gauge. Battery Status At A Glance.
  • Combines many functions in one, these information leads to more efficient use of the battery, which can enhance battery life and reduce the risk of failure.
  • State of Charge (%),The remaining battery capacity (AH). Charge and discharge current (A), Voltage (V).
  • Charging status indicator.

In the box

Includes data sheet.



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