E-Battery Charger 30A H


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Highly efficient charger for E40, E80, and E175 batteries - by ePropulsion.

E Battery Charger 30A H

Max output current (220V): 30A
Max input current (220V): 9A 
Parallel connection: max 8 units

The E battery charger is a product designed for the E-Series Battery.  It has:

  • wide input voltage range,
  • universal voltage;
  • small interference to other electrical equipment;
  • designed in accordance with IP66 protection level, high waterproof performance;
  • can be used in parallel;
  • quiet work, high reliability, simple installation, operation, and maintenance.

In the Box. Charger, User manual, Communication cable, Y type communication cable, AC input cable, DC output cable. 

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