Pulse repair battery charger


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Pulse repair/battery charger

Microprocessor controlled.

Professional automatic switch mode.

For charging AGM, GEL, SLA and wet batteries.

LCD display and pulse repair charge.

Overheat, overcharge, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Maximizes battery life.

  • Multiple Protection: The charger has multiple protections to prevent reverse polarity (positive and negative polarity errors), overheating (built-in radiator fan), overvoltage, overload and short circuit to prevent damage to the battery during faulty operation.
  • Using high and low frequency pulse repair technology, for under-piezo bottles, batteries that have been idle for a long time, and batteries that are not charged, have a good repair and activation effect, and greatly make your battery look new!
  • Using ABS flame retardant shell, fireproof, anti-electric shock, anti-corrosion, sturdy. Using CPU precise control with multiple protections to stop automatically, let you rest assured.
  • 140W gold power, peak current 8A, fast charging, automatic adjustment of the charging current size. The shape is exquisite and compact, easy to store and easy to carry, and does not occupy a place on the car.
  • The specialized design of the device, with a three stage charging strategy, permits the battery to be recharged to almost 100% capacity, and allows for long time connection of the battery to the charger when not in use, to maintain a perfect state without damaging it. Two charging modes are available for charging batteries under different ambient temperatures, which is very convenient for the user to select the optimum method to charge the battery more efficiently and safely.

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