Camper and Marine Ltd exists to offer you choices, designs, solutions, creations and to deliver high specification alternatives to your marine and leisure needs.  We exist to offer you excellent service and customer satisfaction.  When you visit us we welcome you and your projects.  We have a deep interest in working in this industry that offers so much joy for our customers.

As a proud British Marine member, you are dealing with a company that has signed up to an extensive Code of Practice that offers consumers confidence that the service provided will be the best.

Proud Member of British Marine, Electrical & Electronics Association

Every company displaying the British Marine logo is proud of all it represents, so you know that when you choose to buy products and services from a British Marine member, you can do so with confidence.

We at Camper and Marine Ltd recommend solutions for your camper or marine engineering designs and installations. We offer technical solutions for your power, charging and battery upgrades.  Plus, our favourite products for conversions or upgrading your camper or marine project.  You see, there are so many parallels between campervans and boat electrical systems.  Camper and Marine Ltd are passionate about both!

Here at Camper and Marine Ltd we are pleased to assist you with

  • Solutions for your camper or marine engineering designs and installations
  • Technical solutions for your power, charging and battery upgrades
  • Full surveys and design services for electrical and electronic systems
  • As well as products for conversions or upgrades on your camper or marine project
  • We also offer expert advice and technical information, when required
  • Professional services 
Environmental policy

We at Camper and Marine Ltd are committed to a sustainable environmental policy.  To cut our carbon footprint, here at Camper and Marine Ltd, we reuse packaging, where possible and recycle.  

Using technology to create solutions.  Promoting the acceleration towards the transition to clean energy, powered by nature. 

Our products and service reflect our commitment wherever possible. We are endeavouring to bring you information and products with sustainability, environmentally friendly power sources, and are committed to waste reduction and pollution reduction. 

For example we are proud to be offering electric ePropulsion products for our marine customers. 

All ePropulsion batteries are fully recyclable. They are either repurposed for another job or reconditioned for continued use.

After Lithium has been used in a battery cathode, it can be used again and again. Oil and it’s bi-products such as sulphur cannot be reused.

ePropulsion are working alongside SailGP to create more sustainable an ecologically friendly products.  Available from us now is the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo. Made for sailors, ePropulsion Evo series features hydrogeneration capacity, an industry-first for electric outboards. This powerful functionality allows the motor battery to be charged while sailing or towing, making the sailing experience much more sustainable. 

"The ePropulsion outboard motors were very easy to use, reactive and with excellent handling. The charging made life easier and the fact that there is no sound or odours has a positive effect on the marine environment."

— Tom Herbert-Evans, SailGP Youth Programme Manager

As a company we at Camper and Marine are promoting alternative ways to harness power.  As such we also sell and install solar powered products to campers and boats.  Thereby giving our customers ways to stay off grid and harness the natural power of the sun.