Westerly Storm 33 refurbishment

We have had the pleasure of working on this Westerly Storm and upgrading various elements of this yacht, thus increasing it's saleability and sail ability!  

  • SeaDek installed. This non-skid, closed cell EVA material offers a safe and comfortable, easy to clean, highly stain resistant, protection for boat surfaces, especially in high traffic areas.  It is manufactured from UV protected non-absorbent foam.  SeaDek features an innovative, textured micro-dot surface or brushed faux teak for added non-slip characteristics.  Formulated with an acrylic-based high-bond pressure sensitive adhesive, SeaDek’s robust, peel-and-stick application makes it easy to install and requires no mounting hardware.

 Seadec installed; before and after





Seadec installed


  •    Masthead instrumentation replaced and installed at the top of the mast using a bosun chair hoist
Hoist repair to marine instrument at the top of mast
Instrument repair and replaced at the top of the mast