How much do you charge to fix things that are not working in my camper?

We offer fault finding and repair for £75 +VAT (£90 per hour).


Can you fix anything that is not working?

Anything can be fixed but sometimes it would take too many parts or be too costly for you and we may then have to recommend a replacement or reinstall.


How long will you take to find the fault?

It can take time, depending on the complications involved. Installations that were not completed by us can vary in complexity and quality.  We discuss your needs and your requirements and keep you informed.  We may have to take panels off or use diagnostic equipment. Complex technical issues may need a further appointment with a relevant specialist.


Can I wait whilst my repair/installation is being completed?

We have a waiting area and you are welcome to wait there.  Unfortunately, due to insurance requirements, we are not able to allow access into the workshop or toilet facilities.  The nearest public toilet and café is Tesco which is a short 5 minutes walk.


What work do you undertake?

Our design services are quoted individually following a discussion of your needs.  We have undertaken many different projects. Our specialisation is electronics in campers and boats, but we have also been involved in catering vans, bespoke off grid vehicles, designs of the electrical system on a Dutch barge, several yachts and more!  A full survey and design service is available for your electrical and electronic systems in your camper or marine vessel.


Can you help me with my electrical installation?

We are happy to assist you in procuring and designing the best set up for your needs.  We will install components that we sell to ensure that if any fault develops we have the recourse to remedy this for you.  We have many suppliers and can source items for you.