We offer three main levels of electrical surveys:


  • SPECIAL OFFER!  Free Survey

Individual system or piece of equipment as part of a quotation for an upgrade to check suitability for proposed modification.   -Up to 30 minutes.  Note that for some upgrades involving core components a more complete 'Intermediate Survey' may be needed to ensure that overall electrical systems will remain safe, and we will inform you if this is the case.


  • Intermediate Survey

An overall check of camper habitation/boat (not base vehicle or engine) electrical systems including any mains hook-up and interfaces.  This will include a basic report detailing faults found and propose actions (with prices) as follows:
        • "Type A" immediate safety issues.
        • "Type B" recommended items we may also propose.
        • "Type C" suggested system improvements. 

      Note that there is not time available during the Intermediate survey to trace the cause of or correct any faults found, this will be quoted for in the report.  -1 hour £75.00 +VAT


      • Advanced Survey

      An add on following an Intermediate Survey.  As well as description of systems and tracing of original/add-on wiring this can include elements such as supply of laminated circuit diagrams, manufacturers and owner's manuals and labelling of wiring and circuits. -Time varies, quoted for individually.