380W LG Neon® 2 Monocrystalline Solar Panel with Cello Technology


Model: LG Neon
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This high-quality 380W solar panel is the best-selling solar module from world-leading solar manufacturer LG Solar, part of global company LG Electronics and winner of the Intersolar and Top Brand PV industry awards. This MCS certified panel is perfect for a wide variety of applications, from grid-tie household systems to off-grid installations where mains power is limited or unavailable.

Cello Technology™

Cello Technology™ enhances efficiency and reliability of the panel by replacing the small number of wide busbars in standard solar panels with nine thin wires. With decreased spacing between wires, electrical losses are reduced by giving electricity a shorter path to travel. Cylindrical cross-section keeps resistance low while deflecting more light onto the solar cell, unlike flat busbars which reflect light that hits them back out of the panel. The tight layout of the wires also gives electricity multiple paths, enhancing long-term reliability through added redundancy.

Robust Construction

Fully waterproof and designed for strong performance in a wide range of environments, this robust panel continues to perform well even in high temperatures or low irradiance – up to 30% more power than similar panels under high temperature conditions. The panel is rated for a load of up to 6,000Pa from the front, equivalent to being buried under 1.8m of snow, and a rear load of 5,400Pa which is greater than the force applied by hurricane-strength winds.

Superior Performance Warranty

Both the output and workmanship of the panel are guaranteed for an industry-leading 25 years. The linear performance warranty guarantees a loss of no more than 0.33% of the panel output per year after the first year, and no less than 98.5% power production in the 25th year; 5-10% higher than other solar cell manufacturers. You can be sure of a long service life from this highly robust solar panel.


  • Peak power: 380W
  • Maximum power voltage: 35.1V/BLACK 35.2v
  • Maximum power current: 10.85A/BLACK 10.83A
  • Open circuit voltage: 41.7V
  • Short circuit current: 11.39A/BLACK 11.43
  • Power tolerance: 0 ~ +3%
  • Dimensions: 1768 x 1042 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 18.5 kg
  • Mounting holes for ease of installation
  • 2x 1.2m of high-quality single core solar cable
  • Male and female MC4 waterproof connectors

The product is covered by a 25 year workmanship warranty provided by LG Solar. In addition, solar cells are guaranteed to produce at least 98.5% of nominal power in the first year after purchase and no more than 0.33% degradation of nominal power each year after until 25 years after purchase, for a minimum of 90.6%.

This solar panel does not include an installation manual as it must be connected to further devices such as a solar charge controller or inverter which are supplied with a manual.

Please note: if the application of this solar panel is to charge batteries, it is essential that this solar panel is used with a suitable solar charge controller. We recommend the following types of solar charge controllers:

  • For 12V batteries, a high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller rated at 30A or higher
  • For 24V batteries, a high efficiency MPPT / or standard PWM solar charge controller rated at 20A or higher

Datasheet LG Neon

Datasheet BLACK

25 Years Guarantee


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