Victron Energy - 12v 106ah - Lead Carbon Battery - BAT612110081


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It takes time to recharge a lead acid battery

  • Ideally, a lead acid battery should be charged a rate not exceeding 0,2C, and the bulk charge phase should be followed by eight hours of absorption charge. Increasing charge current and charge voltage will shorten recharge time at the expense of reduced service life due to temperature increase and faster corrosion of the positive plate due to the higher charge voltage.
  • Lead-carbon: better partial state-of-charge performance, more cycles, and higher efficiency
  • Replacing the active material of the negative plate by a lead-carbon composite potentially reduces sulfation and improves charge acceptance of the negative plate.

The advantages of lead-carbon therefore are:

  • Less sulfation in case of partial state-of-charge operation.
  • Lower charge voltage and therefore higher efficiency and less corrosion of the positive plate.
  • And the overall result is improved cycle life.



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