BEKULE Alpicool CR50X 12/24v DC LG Compressor 43.7L Fridge


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D30 drawer refrigerator is designed to fit into the tightest spaces, it turns any unused nook into a useful 20L freezer.  This refrigerator provides a very energy efficient, flexible solution for keeping drinks cold or foods frozen.  It's built tough with a steel cabinet and a removable drawer for easy cleaning.  D30 also has an easy to use digital control panel, allowing you to set your desired temperature.

  • Fit extra refrigeration into even the smallest spaces. The BEKULE D30 is perfect for fitting in cupboards, underneath campervan seats and other spaces in vehicle that are otherwise wasted.
  • Perfect for life on the road. Running on 12v, the D30 is suitable for leisure batteries and has a front locking hatch to keep goods securely closed on the move.
  • Built in LED display for easy temperature adjustment.
  • High efficiency LG compressor.
  • Smooth and sturdy drawer roller system.
  • Black exterior colour.

Manual for installation & instructions for use


 Size & features of the Alpicool fridge drawer

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