Eberspacher Hydronic M8 12V Narrowboat Kit - 29.2130.01.0055


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Hydronic 12-volt heater kit suitable for widebeam narrowboats and Dutch barges from 45' to 60' with sufficient radiators or under floor heating to dissipate 8KW of heat.

Kit includes:

• Heater unit

• Fuel pump

• Circulation pump

• Mounting brackets

• Fuel pipe

• Tank stand pipe

• Twin port header tank

• Silenced exhaust with lagging

• Skin fitting

• Control panel with diagnostics and programmable 7 day timer

• Wiring loom and associated fittings

• 4 stage heat output for fuel efficiency and noise reduction

Eberspacher Hydronic M8 Narrowboat Kit

Key Features

  • Digital control panel incorporates a thermostat
  • Menu & control buttons with 7 day programmable timer and diagnostics
  • Compatible with existing S+ diagnostic testers
Brand Eberspacher
Voltage 12/24V
Length 331 mm
Height 174mm
Width 138 mm
Weight 6.2 kg

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