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Colour & Size: Tint (clear) 400mm
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The MaxxFan® Deluxe is the only complete motorhome/caravan ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan and rain protection in a single unit. Built exclusively with an integrated rain cover, the Maxxfan can be left open when its raining – no need to close!  Having a remote control also means you can easily operate it from anywhere in the vehicle. In other words, it has every feature you could want on a roof fan!

Maxxfan Deluxe Features

  • A new, one-of-a kind ventilator system that works in any weather, rain or shine!
  • Fits standard European 40cm x 40cm motorhome/caravan roof openings.
  • Opens and closes automatically with a remote control or, as in most standard roof vents, by using a manual knob located on the ceiling unit.
  • Includes a powerful 10-speed fan, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions.
  • 2 year international warranty as standard

Easy to use remote control for Maxxfan


  • Thermostat feature with Auto mode (set the temperature and the fan will automatically lift the lid and start at that temperature). 
  • Remote control with back up controls at the ceiling
  • Ceiling Fan Mode – The fan runs with lid closed to circulate air 
  • Lid available in  White, Smoke or Tint (clear)
  • Features a powerful 10 speed fan motor
  • Intake & Exhaust
  • Provides 1500 cubic metres of air per hour to keep you cool and comfortable

Internal image of Maxxfan

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