MaxxAir - MaxxShade Blind 400 x 400mm


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Blocks out sunlight and UV rays to stay cool and comfortable, day and night! Fully retractable, spring loaded roller shade with secure "snap-lock" closure. Shade material has a reflective backing to block light and reflect heat. Will not interfere with the normal operation of a roof vent or powered ventilation fan. Easy installation using existing garnish ring.


  • Easy installation on Maxxfans. Simply install using the existing 4 screw holes. 
  • Blocks heat, sunlight & UV rays
  • Retractable spring-loaded roller shade with secure closure
  • Maxxshade Plus features integrated LED lighting with push on/off button.
  • The dimensions of the Maxxshade is 475 x 492mm, these fit both the 350 x 350 and 400 x 400mm Maxxfan’s.


Colour White
Weight 2.6 lbs
Built-In Rain Cover No

1-Year Limited Warranty

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