REMIcare II Plus Pleated Fly Screen Door 2000 x 650 x 92mm


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A pleated flyscreen door designed to keep insects out while letting air into caravans and motorhomes.

The flyscreen door has a decorative white aluminium frame and fits into the design of the interior. The door can be opened or closed using the handle, gliding securely and smoothly on the robust runners.

This flyscreen door measures 2000(H) x 650(W) x 58mm(D).

- Height: Fitted surface (floor/cable channel) to the upper edge

- Width: Rubber door profile + at least 25 mm

Key Features

Decorative white aluminium frame

Fits exactly into the design of the interior

Glides securely and smoothly on runners

White frame/grip rail

Pleated black flyscreen

Brand Remis
Type Flyscreen Doors
Height Description 2000mm
Width 650mm
Depth 92mm
Application Caravans, Motorhomes
Country of Origin Germany

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