Isolator switch for inverters 25A 440V AC - IP65


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This high quality Santon 25A AC isolator switch enables quick and reliable isolation of the AC (mains) supply to/from any inverter. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands to the highest European quality standards.

This is a dual pole, single phase switch, lockable in the off position (with an optional padlock) if required. This is an ideal solution for easy-to-reach disconnection of 230V AC mains power connected to the inverter.

 (2-POLE, SINGLE PHASE, LOCKABLE)The switch is highly durable with IP65 protection. The unit features four mounting holes for ease of installation.


  • Dimensions (casing): 90 x 90 x 70 mm
  • Dimensions (switch):
    • Diameter: 60mm
    • Height: 25mm
  • Weight : 250 g

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