Slim Nickel LED Downlight for Recess Mount (Warm White/Touch Dimmable)


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Touch dimmable/switched downlight with brushed nickel finish, is designed for recess mounting, made with a metal body and bezel. The spot light has built in LEDs, providing a bright warm white light for just 3W of power.

This light fitting is turned on/off by touching the nickel bezel and a long press will dim/brighten the light.

Please Note: these units operate via conductivity and will not operate correctly if mounted into metal, or if the unit or mounting springs touch any metal trim (including metal covered insulation to the rear of panels).

Specs LED Downlight
Case Colour Nickel
Light Colour Warm White (3000K)
Voltage Description 12V & 24V DC (10V to 30V)
Depth Overall: 30mm, Above Surface: 15mm
Diameter Description 69mm
Cut Out 58mm - 62mm
Wattage 3.0W

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