Spirit 1.0 Battery Plus - ePropulsion


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Spare Spirit 1.0 Battery Plus - ePropulsion

1276Wh (48V 28Ah) Spirit integrated lithium battery. The charger is excluded. We offer a spare battery for peace of mind and longer trips.


Buoyant Battery

The battery floats and you never worry losing it when dropping into the water by accident.


The total weight of the outboard is 19kg or 42lbs, including the 1276Wh battery.


Further information about the Spirit Series

Spirit is our portable and lightweight outboard series. It features an integrated battery and folding tiller. It takes you one minute only to install on your boat.  Since 2015, Spirit Series has been the best selling ePropulsion models.

Model Positioning

  • Spirit 1.0 Plus: made for affordability.
  • Spirit 1.0 Evo: hydro generation for sailboats. User experience improvement for a higher margin.
  • Spirit 1.0R Evo: made for remote control.

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