Whale Expanse Underfloor Water Heater Gas and Electric with Flue Kit


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Underfloor Gas and Electric Water Heater (Install with Whale iVan® Control Panel).

Kit includes:

• 8-Litre Water Heater

• Control Panel

• 1 x 3.5M Cable

• 1 x 1.25M Flue

• 3 x Flue Brackets

• 1 x End Flue Bracket


• Capacity: 8 Litre

• Pressure Relief Valve Setting: 3.0 Bar

• Maximum Water Inlet Pressure: 1.9 Bar

• Gas Type: Butane/Propane 30mbar CAT I3B/P (30)

• Heat Input (Gross): 285kW

• Gas Connection: 8mm compression fitting

• Current Consumption (12V. d.c): 0.48 Amps//(0.03 Amps on Standby)

• Electricity Supply: 12V d.c. + 230V a.c. 50Hz

• Electric Lowest Eco Setting: 750W

• Electric Highest Setting: 1500W

• Maximum Current Consumption (12V. d.c.): 0.48 Amps//(0.03 Amps on Standby)

• Maximum Current Consumption (230V): 6.5 Amps

• Maximum dimensions inside vehicle: Height: 180mm (underfloor), Width: 262mm, Length: 522mm.

PLEASE NOTE: All Whale Water Heaters must be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions

Expanse Onboard Water Heater_Data Sheet

Brand Whale
Type 12 & 230 Volt

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